About Us

Who we are

Qato Capital is an Australian based funds management group backed by single family office, Larkfield Funds Management.

The Investment team has worked together running the Qato model for over 9 years, with the combined investment experience within the group of over 50 years.

Risk mitigation and capital preservation are core values at Qato Capital. These are supported through our partnership with Tier One providers across it’s business to build an institutional grade infrastructure.

Our Philosophy and Investment Process

Our philosophy encompasses the belief that analysing both historical and forecasted fundamental data exposes market inefficiencies that can be exploited.

We mathematically co-ordinate the most important fundamental factors that investors focus on throughout investment cycles.

The best investors in the world from Warren Buffet to Peter Lynch have always focused on being rewarded as shareholders.  They consistently achieve this by targeting quality companies with the most compelling:

  • Earnings
  • Cash Flow/Free Cash Flow
  • Book Value
  • Return on Equity
  • Valuation

Our portfolio construction targets ‘quality minus junk’ at a bottom-up stock level, producing:

  • Long ‘Low Beta’: relatively high quality, large cap, safe, growing, value companies with low volatility, and
  • Short ‘High Beta’: relatively low quality, riskier companies with high volatility.

This consistently delivers negative beta at a portfolio level.

Our returns become significant and replicable by overlaying our proprietary risk management framework.


Objective > Consistent > Replicable